Dr Nemetz's Office Storefront at The Bird ClinicWe are a veterinary clinic that ONLY treats pet birds including pet chickens, ducks and geese. We have a Mission to Advance Avian Medicine throughout Southern California and the world and hope you decide to take the time to learn from all the information this site contains. On behalf of The BIRD Clinic Veterinary Corporation and our entire staff we welcome you to our website. First, please check the "Website Updates" for a chronology of the website's development and changes. Also our Current Events section lists times when the clinic may be closed or Dr. Nemetz will be out of town. This website overall is a way to assist our new and existing clients with their Avian Veterinary Needs and continually strive to earn your confidence in us. We also have many client handouts to help you with your avian education. All you need is Adobe Acrobat reader version 5.0 or greater and a printer.

    The Clinic is Closed Thursdays and Sundays - See Clinic Hours              

In 2015 Dr. Nemetz will be lecturing at the iCare world conference in France then attending the largest Dental conference in the US.

The clinic will be closed Sat April 11 at 1:00pm and reopen Monday May 04 at 8:00am

PLEASE call for any refills in enough time to get them done so your pet bird does not run out of medication when Dr Nemetz is gone.

We apologize if our appointment scheduling is a little difficult over the next few months.

Dr. Nemetz in the past has hosted veterinarians from Brazil, Japan, and throughout the United States to further advance avian medicine. In 2015 he will have three more veterinary students and a vet from France in 2016

The BIRD Clinic
Clients ask us, where do we take our bird if The BIRD Clinic is closed?
This is not an easy question to answer since there are very few
veterinarians that are comfortable in treating birds.
Veterinarians that will treat birds:
Tia Greenberg (General) Westminster

(714) 899-1100

Attila Molnar, Boarded (Med/Surgery) Calabasas (818) 600-1838
Ann McDowell (Medicine) Claremont (909) 625-1561
For after hour emergencies:
Yorba Regional Animal Hospital Anaheim (714) 921-8700
Garden Grove Emergency Clinic Garden Grove (714) 537-3032
When you come to our office, in 2007 we build a very modern, professional, building with a warm decor. We believe in an environment that will make your bird's visit, as well as yours, relaxed and non-stressful.
Our staff is here to listen to your questions and concerns, and to work with you on an individual basis. We pride ourselves on quality and excellent communication in giving your bird personal veterinary care. We have established many long term relationships with our clients/patients and is still our number one goal.
Dr. Larry Nemetz and his staff wants to thank you again for visiting and exploring the world of Avian Medicine.
Our clinic location:
200 South Tustin Street, Suite E
Orange, CA 92866-2322

For Appointments or Medical inquiries please call: (714) 633-2910
Click the link for Directions and a Map to The Bird Clinic
Questions to think about:
          How many patients/day should an avian practitioner see to evoke your confidence?

How many veterinary practices in the United States treat ONLY birds?

Less than TEN!

This website was inaugurated May 12, 2003

The BIRD Clinic Veterinary Corporation
200 South Tustin Street, Suite E
Orange, CA 92866-2322,
For Appts: (714) 633 - 2910
FAX # : (714) 633 - 2905