Avian Education

Education is KEY to the Dr. Nemetz's mission and his goal for The BIRD Clinic and his clients. This section will form a list of various topics excluding case reports, The BIRD C News handouts, and news events to further expand the "human avian brain." Enjoy.

The AAV conference is held in August of each calendar year. It is a worldwide conference presenting current papers on all aspects of avian medicine and surgery. The following sections will contain lectures from the advanced and main conference programs in a continual goal to elevate the knowledge base for our clients and website visitors.

Dr Nemetz apologizes but the work to review and transcribe these articles were much more involved than expected so only two years were finished, however, there are many articles including some Dr Nemetz published that are still valid today so please explore them.

AAV 2003 Conference
Part I - Advanced

Highlights of the nine hour Avian Speciality Program on the feather picking patient. This is essential homework for all clients that own feather picking pet birds. It is an excellent overview of this frustrating symptom in birds.

AAV 2003 Conference
Part II - Main

Highlights of the 402 page proceeding of the 24th Annual AAV Conference. Discussions include West Nile Virus, heart disease in birds, DNA technology, and new surgical procedures.

AAV 2004
Part II - Main

Highlights of the 392 page proceeding of the 25th Annual AAV Conference. Discussions include updates on WNV, Pacheco's disease, PDD, poisons, and behavior.

(reviewed Dec 2016)