Website Updates

Listed below is a chronology of our Website updates and coming attractions so you can take part in our evolution as a premier avian educational source. The subcategories will also guide you to the latest topics influencing The BIRD Clinic, our clients, and the California Pet Industry from the media and California legislature.

Media News Event : An event demonstrating how The BIRD clinic was recognized for advancing avian medicine as well as helping officials in Orange County deal with exotic avian problems.

The BIRD Clinic Handouts : Our handouts are an extension of our educational goals. New Toxin handout 2009 for download. Over 25% more information to safeguard your bird from harmful products.

Detailed offered services : The services offered by The BIRD Clinic are now expanded and further explained with pictures as well as words.

AAV 2003 Conference Lectures - Various lectures from the 2003 conference including many on ideas dealing with feather picking pets.

Beak Surgery - Updated pictures of "Festus" out to 163 days post surgery  (2004)

The Oldest Bird? - Analyzing a report of Winston Churchill's bird still alive at 104 years. Q&A #5

Assembly Bill 202 (AB202) - Became law September 1, 2004. Please check the link to the actual document that was past into law. Protect your future bird purchase. No petstore in the State of California can sell an unweaned baby bird. Make sure the petstore complies.

Dairy Products - These are NOT safe for your bird. Contrary to "Urban Legends" dairy products can kill. Please click and read this explanation. The BIRD Clinic sees 3-6 cases each year.

True Digital Radiology is here! - We said it was coming and it is here. Eklin system and Dr. Nemetz in 2005 developed the first in the world direct digital radiology (DR) system and techniques for the avian patient! (Look at what digital can do). Even now, over 10 years later, it is still the most detailed imaging system in the world.

The Year 2006 - 2007
It has been a long time coming but the new BIRD Clinic opened May 9, 2007. The many delays did not allow us to send proper announcements because of computer conversion issues. But, we want to welcome you all to the new clinic and the beginning of a great future for bird medicine and changes in this website. Please drive by if you have a chance and see the new building and the BIG bird in the sky!


The Year 2013
Wow, we cannot believe the clinic is going to be six years new! Many things have happened and hopefully this will be the year Dr. Nemetz will update many areas of the website. There is still a wealth of information for all of our clients and prospective client but it can be even better.......

The Year 2014
Well 2013 did not turn out exactly as planned. Dr. Nemetz hosted many veterinarians this year in the clinic in a continual goal to spread quality avian medicine throughout the world. It takes a lot of donated time but Dr. Nemetz feels it is important to help our feathered friends everywhere they may live in the world. There are many changes going on in the avian veterinary community, and unfortunately not all good. There are fewer practitioners seeing bird cases so it is important to spark and nurture the passion in the ones that want to learn more about the wonderful world of birds.