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Our Clinic Location:
200 South Tustin Street, Suite E
Orange, CA 92866-2322

For Appointments or Medical inquiries please call: (714) 633-2910 
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For Comments and Ideas for Our Website 
We plan to continually update and expand this website over time, but would also be very interested in your comments regarding the information currently presented or if you have ideas for future topics or online handouts. We will compile the ideas and incorporate ones that best express the views and standards of The BIRD Clinic in future website updates. To send suggestions please email to [email protected]

Since we only compile this information for future updates, we will not reply to any emails, so please do not send any questions or comments (medically related or not) to this website email address.

Please call our clinic directly for any assistance related to bird care.

Thank you.

(revised 11/2016)