The New BIRD Clinic is Here

The design plans were submitted to the City of Orange and the construction began for the future home of The BIRD Clinic. The clinic is finished now as of May 9,2007 and the many stages of the three year odyssey have come and gone in creating the best avian only practice in the United States....... 

The New Address is:   200 South Tustin Street, Suite E,  Orange, CA 92866 

A little history of the construction

January 2006:  Roseen Builders broke ground for the new clinic 

February 2006: We installed all the underground plumbing and utilities and poured the new foundation (15 trucks of concrete in all). 

March 2006: The building began the framing process so now if you drive by the location you can see the beginning of a structure being created. This is the exciting part...... 

April  3, 2006: The connection to the City of Orange water, sewer, gas, and electric will begin as well as the installation of the buildings structural steel elements.

May 4, 2006: The steel awnings were installed on the building and the plans for the "inside", tenant improvements (TI), have been submitted to the city for approval.

June 20, 2006: The TI plans came back from the City of Orange with some corrections that will be addressed and resubmitted the week of the 26th.

June 25,2006: Finally all the framing is done, the roof is on and next week will start a big week. The roof waterproofing will start and the installation of the glass storefront window system will begin. The following week the plaster contractor will begin prepping the building to "wrap" it in waterproofing material with the hopeful goal of having the stucco applied by mid July. I also hope to have our permits for the TI portion as my contractor is anxious to get started on that front as well.......................

July 28, 2006: The store fronts are going in and hope to be done next week. The city held up the water utilities so the stucco has to wait a little longer. Next week the building of the inside of the clinic finally begins. Obviously the opening of the new clinic will be quite delayed. Estimate is still too vague but unlikely before the holidays.

October 07, 2006: The outside building is DONE except for paint! They are working feverously on the inside of the clinic with all the new cabinets coming next week. The curbs of the parking lot are being installed.

January, 2007:  The painting of the inside begins.

March, 2007: The final plumbing and electrical is being completed.

April, 2007: We finally get our CO (Certificate of Occupancy) so we can begin the moving process.