Aav 2003 Lectures

The Main Conference of the 2003 AAV Meeting

This week long conference covered numerous topics on avian medicine from lecturers of diverse backgrounds. Some of the lecture topics are presented here in a summary format that was created by Dr. Nemetz. Their use is for educational purposes only and not meant to diagnose or recommend specific therapies for any specific patient.

Click on any of the following colored number-links for each lecture detail and Dr. Nemetz's interpretive summary.

1. Psittacid Herpesviruses and the Link to Mucosal Papillomatosis and Bile Duct Carcinomatosis

Determining the Seroprevalence of West Nile Virus in an Exposed Psittacine Population

Mortality and Response to Fluid Resuscitation After Acute Blood Loss

Use of the Vetronic Cardiostore for Avian Electrocardiogram

A Retrospective Study of Atherosclerosis in Birds

The Electrocardiogram Made Easy for the Avian Veterinarian

7. Identification of Oral Spiral Bacteria in Cockatiels

Performance of Neonate Cockatiels Given Cockatiel derived Lactobacillus

9. Hypothyroidism in a Red-lored Amazon

10. A Technique for Correction of Chronic Mandibular Prognathism (in Cockatoo)

11. Endoscopic Repair of Tracheal Stenosis in a Blue and Gold Macaw (Ara ararauna)

Treatment of Irritant-induced Inflammatory Respiratory Disease in Three Psittacine Bird

13. Review of the Lesions of Psittacine Eyelids: 67 cases

14. Tumors of the Psittacine Ovary and Oviduct: 37 cases

15. Cytology, Histology, and Microbiology of Feather Pulp and Follicles of Feather Pickers

A New Biopsy Technique to Improve Histopathological Evaluation of Avian Skin

17. Amitriptyline HCL: Clinical Study for the Treatment of Feather Picking

Avian Hematological Response after Stress and Flower Essence
Topics Related to Avian Skin and the clinical symptom of Feather Picking
Click here for the handout/algorithm demonstrating how a proper medical work up for a feather picking bird proceeds.
19. Anatomy and Physiology of the Normal Avian Integumentary (Skin) System
20. Etiology (causes) of Avian Inflammatory Skin Disease
21. Histological Description of Avian Noninfectious Skin Disorders
22. Diagnostics in a Search for an Etiology of Feather Picking / Mutilation
23. Medical Therapy for Feather Picking Disorders
24. Self-injurious Behavior as a Model for Psychological Feather Damaging Behavior in Psittacine Birds