Meet Dr. Nemetz


Dr. Nemetz received a Bachelor of Science degree in Zoology from UC Davis in 1980, then completed a Master of Science program in veterinary anatomy in 1981. Dr. Nemetz worked in the veterinary field for two years before entering Purdue University Veterinary School in Indiana and graduated in 1987.

Dr. Nemetz always loved birds as a child, conceived the idea of an avian practice while in veterinary school and founded The BIRD Clinic originally in Santa Ana, CA in 1987 and then in 2007 built from the ground up an avian purpose-built facility in Orange, CA where it continues today.
Only a handful (8) of clinics in the United States limit their practice strictly to pet bird medicine and are located only in California, Oregon, Florida and North Carolina.
Dr. Nemetz' family has lived in Southern California since 1938 when his paternal grandparents moved to Beverly Hills from Vancouver, Canada. He was raised in Santa Ana and has lived there most of his life. Dr. Nemetz moved to Irvine in 2009 to be closer to his remaining maternal family. He practiced veterinary medicine in Santa Ana for 20 years until he moved to his new facility in Orange. In 2020, as COVID began, he moved up to the city of Orange to be closer to his practice. He has been exposed to exotic birds since the age of four and got his first pet bird at the age of six.

There was very limited medical information to help the avian patient in the seventies, but over the years Dr. Nemetz became interested in veterinary medicine and specifically the medical conditions of birds. When Dr. Nemetz entered Purdue University Veterinary School, he took advantage of the knowledge certain clinicians had in treating exotic birds. In 1986 he became the recipient of the FIRST scholarship awarded by the Association of Avian Veterinarians (AAV) .

Once Dr. Nemetz graduated veterinary school, he returned to his hometown and built the first The BIRD Clinic . He enjoys teaching and has given numerous lectures to veterinary organizations. The BIRD Clinic offered an externship program for senior veterinary students for over 30 years to get a better exposure along with practical experience in the world of avian medicine BEFORE they graduated veterinary school. Dr. Nemetz in 2006 began teaching some of the veterinary students at the veterinary college (Western University) in Pomona, California. In more recent years Dr. Nemetz has been lecturing out of the United States and offers an internship program to veterinarians from anywhere in the world that have a desire to improve their own knowledge of avian medicine. Dr. Nemetz has hosted veterinarians from Mexico, Canada, Brazil, Australia, England, Japan, Germany, Spain, and Dubai (2022). In 2019 Dr Nemetz started a goal to develop a formal teaching program at a veterinary college in Clinical Avian Medicine and Surgery and hopes it can be accomplished in the next few years. In 2020, this program was approved by the cirriculum committee at Purdue Veterinary College and the long development process began with the first presentation to occur in Sept 2022.

Dr. Nemetz had bred meyer's parrots for many years and shares his life with his beloved avian pets; "Gigi", "Slushy", "Bailey", "Zazu" and his adopted children "Birdy" and "Merlin". With great sadness he lost "Saffron", a swainson toucan, in 2011. She was a very unique and special soul that touched the life of many people as well as the veterinary medical community and will always be remembered.  "Slushy" passed away in 2021, but lived an extremely long life for a lovebird and had a rare form of testicular cancer for this species, a Sertoli cell tumor"

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