Services Offered

We provide virtually every veterinary service available for the avian patient including exotic AND domestic pet bird.virtually Some of services we offer for the avian patient (each title in red may be clicked on for a more detailed explanation):

  • Pre-purchase Consultation - Dr. Nemetz offers counseling on "Selecting the correct bird for the specific home".
  • New Purchase Examination - An "insurance policy" to be confident your new avian pet came to you in good health.
  • Annual Health Examination - In a goal to monitor and maintain the good health of your bird and prevent disease before it manifests itself in a more serious state.
  • Beak Reconstructive Surgery - Dr. Nemetz helped pioneer techniques in correcting malocclusions, fractures, and composite prosthetics.
  • Radiology - Using x-rays to discover ailments we cannot see on the surface. Barium contrast studies can also be performed.
  • Necropsy - When a bird dies it is important to follow several steps to give a veterinarian the best opportunity to discover the cause of death. Whatever you do, do NOT place the bird in the freezer. WARNING : The pictures in the detail page of this category contain pictures of a deceased bird. Some people may not want to view this page for this reason. The summary of the page: Place the deceased bird in a ziplock bag with 1/4tsp water, seal, place in the refrigerator, and bring the bird to a veterinarian within 24 hours.
  • Endoscopy - The use of fiber-optic instruments to examine and take samples from inside the body or its orifices.
  • Microsurgical Procedures - The BIRD Clinic has specialized instrumentation and knowledge to perform surgery on the smallest of our avian patients.
  • Behavioral Consultation - Screaming, biting, and some forms of feather picking can be dealt with once the cause has been discovered.
  • Feather Picking/mutilation - One of the most complex conditions seen in avian medicine, but over 80% can be cured or well managed.
  • Microchipping - The safest permanent form of identification for your pet bird.
  • DNA sexing - Is it a Boy? or a Girl?
  • Cotinine testing - Could environmental cigarette smoke be affecting your bird? Now there is a test!
  • Grooming - Anatomically correct wing and nail trimming is offered for our healthy patients.
  • Band Removal - Eliminating the risk of trauma and life threatening conditions caused by leg bands.
  • Boarding - Effective 2005 boarding is offered at bird stuff our top quality boarding and retail operation. Please visit at: . Each bird is weighed and checked daily as well as cared for as if it were at home.

Dr. Nemetz also works in collaboration with other veterinary specialists to perform procedures in a team approach. Some of these services

  • Cataract Surgery - Working with Board Certified Veterinary Ophthalmologists to return the vision to a blind bird.
  • Oncology - Working with Board Certified Veterinary Oncologists exploring the hopes to find cures for various cancers.
  • Advanced Imaging - Working with Specialists using CAT scan machines, MRI's, and special modes of radiation cancer therapy. using CAT scan machines, MRI's, and special modes of radiation cancer therapy.