Feather Pickingmutilation

Feather picking and Behavioral Problems are the most frustrating complaint an avian veterinarian can be presented for a diagnosis and treatment. Feather picking ( see handout ) and especially avian self-mutilation syndrome are probably the most emotionally charged symptoms in avian medicine for our clients. Why? It is because we can visualize the discomfort and pain of the bird and often we feel helpless to stop the process. The BIRD Clinic handout on Feather Picking is a road map to the numerous etiologies and diagnostic plan to finding the specific origin of the feather problem. Most cases are very involved and require dedication to search out the correct etiology. Short-stepping the diagnostic roadmap is why a high percentage of feather picking birds and their owners search out numerous veterinarians because of presumed failure to cure the problem. Without a correct diagnosis for the REASON of the feather picking there is a very small chance of finding the treatment and cure. These diagnostic workups can often be expensive, however when

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