Behavioral Consultation

Behavioral problems and feather picking are the most frustrating complaint an avian veterinarian can be presented for a diagnosis and treatment. Problems such as screaming, biting, obsessive-compulsive disorders (OCD) and feather problems (see also feather picking) have their origin NOT only in the "mental" realm, but over 80% of the time have a organic cause. When an animal feels pain or discomfort, this can be expressed through aggression or screaming (crying). Hormonal cycling can trigger changes in behavior and inappropriate interactions with the owner, family members, or friends.

The first axiom to remember: "In general, for every day a bird presents a behavioral problem, it will take a day to cure it once the cause (etiology) is discovered." Translated, TIME is our enemy! Irrespective of the cause, over time ALL cases of behavioral problems develop into habits that are very difficult to break.

Once a behavioral situation arises, The BIRD Clinic recommends getting a consultation as soon as possible. Dr. Nemetz' standard consultation is 45 minutes. Over the years he has seen incredible response with many clients and their birds. This is a "team" effort! Always remember, the bird will NOT change unless the owner is willing to change and adapt.