Band Removal

See microchipping for an explanation of why leg bands should be removed. The process of band removal is safe and relatively quick at The BIRD Clinic, but should NEVER be attempted at home or by anyone not highly trained in the complications of band removal. The leg can easily be fractured and birds have even died of shock during this procedure in the hands of an untrained person. At The BIRD Clinic a special band cutting instrument is used for small bands and a bolt cutting instrument is used for the larger hardened steel bands. For safety, most large banded birds are anesthetized for approximately 1 minute when the leg is safely immobilized and the band is cut, then expanded and removed from the leg. Recovery time for the bird from gas anesthesia is about 5 minutes with the entire procedure performed on an outpatient basis.

The BIRD Clinic offers this service to all our existing clients at a flat discounted fee which includes the anesthesia with no office call charge. All band removals are performed by Dr. Nemetz. An appointment is required.

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