Boarding is something that should NOT be taken lightly when considering the health of your pet bird. 

What are their boarding requirements?

Do they require the following for ALL of their boarding birds or only for some birds?

          1. An annual health examination by a qualified avian veterinarian.

          2. A complete blood count (CBC) within the last year.

          3. Tested negative for Psittacosis (Chlamydophila psittaci), a potentially terminal disease of birds that is contagious to humans.
                (should be an antibody test for clinically normal birds as we are looking for carriers. PCR testing is of minimal value)

          4. Tested negative for Psittacine Beak and Feather Disease (PBFD) - for applicable species

          5. Tested negative for Polyoma Viral Disease (PVD) - for applicable species

          6. Tested negative for Psittacine Herpes Virus (PsHV-1) - for applicable species

          7. Discussion related to housing to prevent spread of Avian Borna Virus - New serologic testing available in 2024 at The BIRD Clinic.

          8. History as to where the bird came from. Once any bird has passed all the medical requirements to maintain its boarding status it cannot                  be exposed to another bird of unknown status (ie. Boarded at a Pet Shop that sells birds, or neighbor's that owns an untested bird).                          Failure will risk the safety of your bird plus all other birds in the new boarding environment.

As of Jan 2024 we no longer own a boarding facility with all these criteria but will be glad to assist any of our clients with finding such a facility which are very few in southern california.

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(Revised Jan 2024)