AAV 2004 Conference Lectures

The Main Conference of the 2004 AAV Meeting

This year's conference covered many new topics and expanded information on topics from 2003. Some of the lectures from the conference are presented here in summary format created by Dr. Nemetz. Their use is for educational purposes only and not intended to diagnose or recommend specific therapies for any specific patient.

Click on any of the following colored number-links for each lecture detail and Dr. Nemetz's interpretive summary. (Numbers not colored will be added in upcoming updates)

   1.   Epizootiology, Diversity, and Pathogenicity of Psittacid Herpesviruses (PsHVs)
   2.   Zosyn: A Replacement for Pipracil in Avian Medicine
   3.   Strontium-90 Therapy for Uropygial Neoplasia
   4.   Pharmacokinetics and Bioavailability of Meloxicam in Ring-necked Parakeets
   5.   Heavy Metal Plasma Concentration: Daily Fluctuations and Clinical Implications
   6.   Evaluation of Parent to Offspring Transmission of PDD in Companion Birds
   7.   Psittacid Herpesviruses Associated with Internal Papillomatous Disease in Psittacines
   8.   Testicular Tumors of Pet Birds and Surgical Therapy
   9.   Traumatic Tracheal Disease in Avian Patients
  10.   The Behavior of Diet The Following are "Master Classes". These were two hour lectures allowing more  detailed discussions on various topics.
  11.  Two Uncommonly Diagnosed Toxins: Copper and Tremorgenic Mycotoxins
  12.  Proventricular Dilation Disease Review: Literature and Research Review, Species Differences, Diagnostics, Prognosis, and Treatment
  13. Avian Pain and Analgesia