Bird Clinic Handouts

The BIRD Clinic's mission has always been to educate its clientele. This section's goal is to help our clients keep current on various topics in the avian medical field. You may download any of these handouts for your own file or educational material for fellow bird owners. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do.

Due to the graphics in some of these handouts, you will need Adobe reader version 5.0 or newer to be able to download all of the handouts. Please go to the end of this page for a link to the Adobe site.

  1. Downloadable Office Hours and Policies 2021 (Our general office policies, office hours and close times)

  2. Recommended Health Care for Your Pet Bird 2021 (An overview of care and testing for pet birds)

  3. Nutritional Problems in Pet Birds 2021 (Overall recommendation for feeding and why so many birds are nutritionally deficient)

  4. Toxins in Pet Birds 2021 (Over 5 pages of potential risks to Pet Birds living in captivity VERY important handout!

  5. Poisonous Plants in the Western United States 202 1 (A more extensive list of plants we should be concerned about if ingested)

  6. Heart Disease 2021 (Heart disease is real in Pet Birds, but can be prevented, diagnosed, and often treated)

  7. Cockatiel Concerns and Syndromes 2021 (One of the two most popular pet birds in the United States)

  8. Pet Birds and the Risk of Cancer 2021 (A debunking of one of many false articles about birds being non-safe pets)

  9. Feather "Picking" - What Really Causes it? 2021 (Probably the most misunderstood symptom presented to a veterinarian)

  10. Wing Clipping -Recommended Safe Methods 2021 (Easy to get it right, terrible if gotten wrong!)

  11. The "4" Nutrient Groups for Proper Avian Nutrition 2021 (The necessity of ALL the food groups to obtain a healthy bird)

  12. Vitamin A Handout - Food Sources Vitamin A Handout - Food Sources 2021 2021 (The most common vitamin deficiency in pet bird medicine)

  13. Calcium Handout - Food Sources 2021 (The most common mineral deficiency in pet bird medicine)

  14. Nuts and Seed: How Nutritious are They? 2021 (One of the MOST important handout(s) regarding the overall poor nutritional value of the most common Seed / Nut diet fed to birds)

  15. How to Make a Hospital Box for Home Therapy 2021 (A safe, inexpensive housing for birds with problems from trauma)

  16. How to properly give injections to the avian patient 2021 (It is often necessary, but this handout makes it easier)

  17. Why Cheese and Dairy Products are Bad for Birds 2021 (They may seem to like it, but it can it to find out why)

  18. Pulmonary Hypersensitivity in New World Species exposed to Old World Species 2021 (An underdiagnosed problem seen when New World and Old World species are housed together over time)

To download any of these handouts, please click on the handout title. You will need Acrobat reader to read and print these handouts. This is a free software program available by clicking here .


(Revised page Jan 2021)