Boarding is something that should NOT be taken lightly when considering the health of your pet bird. Questions to ask any boarding facility can be found under our Q&A item #4.

Routine boarding will NO LONGER BE AVAILABLE at The BIRD Clinic effective February 1, 2005. All boarding of healthy, medically evaluated birds will be done at our new boarding facility: birdStuff.  We expanded the boading into three independent wards that each represent only one part of the world (ie New World species (Amazons, conures), Old World Species (Cockatoos, Lovebirds and Macaws). Each ward has a separate NON-CIRCULATED air supply with its own thermostatically controlled HVAC system and commercial grade hepa filtration system. All the new cages were specially designed by Dr. Nemetz and built in Canada for cleanability, warmth, and with comfort of the bird in mind having a minimum of two stainless steel eyelets installed to place toys or swings for your bird while they board. Every bank of cages has a surveillance camera so that every bird can be monitored from the retail area or remotely.

NEW 2005 Boarding Requirements

Each bird must meet the following requirements:

1. An annual health examination by a qualified avian veterinarian.

2. A complete blood count within the last year.

3. Tested negative for Psittacosis (Chlamydophila psittaci), a potentially terminal disease of birds that is contagious to humans.

4. Tested negative for Psittacine Beak and Feather Disease (PBFD).

5. Tested negative for Polyoma Viral Disease (PVD).

6. Serologically tested negative for Pacheco's Viral Disease (Conures only). Because of new research (Dr. Phalen's Lecture and Dr. Styles Lecture, Pacheco's disease, better described as Psittacid herpes virus (PsHV-1), is more prevalent than previously thought and affects several species of birds. A new PCR swab test was developed to detect latently infected individuals to help veterinarians prevent the spread of this deadly disease. This test will be required for all birds prior to boarding.

7. Vaccinated for Polyoma Viral Disease (PVD). Initially a series of two vaccine injections (two weeks apart), then yearly boosters thereafter.

8. History as to where the bird came from. Once any bird has passed all the medical requirements to maintain its boarding status it cannot be exposed to another bird of unknown status (ie. Boarded at a Pet Shop that sells birds, or neighbor's that owns an untested bird). Failure will require reestablishing the birds status by repeating the above testing.  

(Medical records supplied by another avian veterinarian prior to the boarding appointment are acceptable.)

All birds that will board at "birdStuff" will be weighed each and every day, their eating habits documented, and served a diet appropriate for that species of bird. Any additional foods or special pelleted diets (recommended) need to be supplied by the owner or will be supplied at an additional cost. All boarding reservations must be made in advance.

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