Retail Store

"birdStuff" Retail Store and State-of-the-Art Boarding Facility

We are so excited! After expanding our retail section at The BIRD Clinic years ago, our clients and bird owners response was better than we expected. With each new top quality product made available in a "brick and mortar" setting, not by special order, not by mail, not by internet, we met with a very positive feedback. So.................

We took it one more big step forward in 2014 and created "birdStuff", an independent bird supply store that carries "...all the best stuff for the discriminating parrot" and a boarding facility where "the only place safer is home".

birdStuff officially opened January 10, 2005.
It is owned and operated by Donna Garrou who is the long-term partner of Dr Nemetz
210 South Tustin Street, Orange, CA 92866
Phone: (714) 639 - 6039

Dr. Nemetz purchased the 1955 house in a commercially zoned area of Tustin Street just south of Chapman Ave and performed an extensive renovation installing an entire new plumbing system, electrical system, and heating, air conditioning, and filtering exhaust system. The floor, doors, windows, walls, and roof were all replaced. Basically, you get the look and feel of an historic house in a 2005 top quality facility that is second to none. It is also only about 50 feet from The BIRD Clinic so it is very convenient.

Surveillance cameras were also installed throughout the independent boarding wards as well as a central alarm and fire system that is remotely monitored 24 hours per day. We only sell dry products, with no livestock for sale . The four "display" birds ( Zazu, Merlin, Birdie, and Peste) modeling our stainless steel cages completed their exhaustive testing for diseases and are the personal pets of Donna Garrou and Dr Nemetz.

Donna Garrou has raised, bred, owned, showed, and cared for birds since she was a child. She has a unique "insight" into the mind of what birds "want" to play with. She searched for unique top quality products for our customers from the United States as well as Canada and Asia. Her ideas and product selection should enhance any bird's cage environment.

birdStuff carries many of the high quality items that were carried at The BIRD Clinic plus much, much more. Items such as over 1000 toys, informational books , specialty perches, Port-a-perch stands, safe cage bedding, "The Ultimate Cage Cleaner", 100% stainless steel cages (reconditioned), and commercially formulated pelleted diets from EIGHT top quality companies are all available at the facility.

Dr. Nemetz and Ms. Garrou hope you come by to visit and shop at the store.
We appreciate your feedback in our quest to best serve the bird owners of Southern California.

(reviewed Dec 2016)