Veterinarian Referral

Welcome to The BIRD Clinic veterinary referral information page. Our goal is to help you help YOUR avian patients.

Basic guidelines for referrals to The BIRD Clinic:

The BIRD Clinic is an Avian Referral Clinic as well as a general avian practice. We see referral cases from throughout the state as well as special circumstances from throughout the U.S. and Canada. Any case that a referring veterinarian feels is outside the scope of his/her practice knowledge base qualifies as a "Referral Case".

The BIRD Clinic upholds a strict policy of veterinary/client confidentiality, as well as executing procedures only related to the referred condition unless otherwise instructed by the referring veterinarian.

Instructions to Referring Veterinarians:

  1. Please have your staff or yourself call to inform us that a patient of yours is being referred. Dr. Nemetz likes to discuss the case with the referring veterinarian to form a complete communication "circle" of referring vet, client, patient, and The BIRD Clinic.
  2. Have your client call our clinic for an appointment. Please send a copy of all medical records (please no computer summaries), diagnostic test results, and supply radiographs if applicable.
  3. Upon client/patient arrival to The BIRD Clinc, Dr. Nemetz will evaluate the case, then call all referral veterinarians to inform them of the patient's arrival and a diagnostic/treatment plan. ALL veterinarians will be called. We have found even under the best instructions/intentions, some clients never make an appointment which leaves our referring veterinarians wondering; "What happened to that case?". We have found the phone call by Dr. Nemetz on the day of the appointment to be the most efficient feedback mechanism.
  4. Referral appointments take longer, usually an hour, so please inform your clients accordingly. We advise clients to arrive 15 minutes early to fill out our paperwork. Referral case reviews usually cost about twice our outpatient examination fee, plus any further diagnostics and treatments.
  5. Our goal is to handle each and every case to satisfy the needs of the referring veterinarian, the client and the patient involved.
  6. If you are a new referring veterinarian and not sure if you can handle a certain case, call Dr. Nemetz first for a free consultation. Some cases can be helped with a phone consultation alone. Again, each case is handled on a one on one basis. Dr. Nemetz does not discuss referral cases with clients until he sees their pet bird for an appointment and will not discuss active cases or give second opinions over the phone until he discusses it first with the active referring veterinarian.

Numbers important for referral:
Clinic Phone:       (714) 633 - 2910
Dedicated FAX:    
(714) 633 - 2905

(reviewed Dec 2016)