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We are a veterinary clinic that ONLY treats pet birds including pet chickens, ducks and geese. We have a Mission to Advance Avian Medicine throughout Southern California and the world and hope you decide to take the time to learn from all the information this site contains. On behalf of The BIRD Clinic and our entire staff we welcome you to our website. First, please check the "Website Updates" for a chronology of the website's development and changes. The Current Events section lists times when the clinic may be closed, but we have moved current closings to this home page for your convenience. This website overall is a way to assist our new and existing clients with their Avian Veterinary Needs and continually strive to earn your confidence in us. We also have many Client Handouts to help you with your avian education. All you need is Adobe Acrobat reader version 5.0 or greater and a printer.

 The Clinic is Closed Thursdays and Sundays - See Clinic Hours

Our BIRD Clinic handouts can be very useful to you.
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If Dr Nemetz is out of town the dates will be listed below on this homepage 

The current conditions at The BIRD Clinic due to the COVID-19 situation

The clinic has remained open our normal hours (M, Tu, W, F, Sat) for Sick birds, medication refills, and ongoing medical cases

Effectively Monday August 3, 2020

The BIRD Clinic will finally be scheduling preventative check ups as our sick bird caseload has finally subsided to a manageable degree.
Several local veterinarians that decided to no longer see avian cases are still in this situation, but after four months
we believe we are in a better situation to handle our preventative cases as well.

To help with this high caseload and still accept new clients/patients we need to curb no-show and short cancellation appointments
that directly hurt the ability for us to see other patients that needed care, but could not receive it because of other's lack of courtesy.

ALL new clients that want to make an appointment for their bird at The BIRD Clinic will be setting up a medical record
over the phone and will be charged in advance for an Examination fee and Records fee.

If you do not show up or give us less than 24hrs prior notice for a cancellation, your payment is non-refundable.
For all appointments made within 24hrs of that appointment time the payment is non-refundable.

All appointments that are 15min late or later will be considered a no-show appointment

We do allow our clients to enter our clinic but everyone must wear masks until our county
policy changes. This also means we cannot see as many patients in any given day,

Also we ask to have only the owner of the patient (+/- spouse)
come for any appointment and not bring children to the clinic.

Thank you for your patience and understanding at this time and we at the Bird Clinic want to continue to help with
the well being of our avian pets aswell as also keeping our clients healthy.

For cleaning/disinfecting surfaces we have been using synphenol at the clinic for 30+ years and is
extremely effective 
at killing many bacterial and viral agents INCLUDING Corona virus.
The concentrate is available at BirdStuff (located just south of the clinic)

(1/2oz of concentrate makes 1 gallon and has a 7 day surface residual effectiveness)

If you need ANY Rx refills PLEASE contact us ahead of time so they can be taken care of.
We require 24hrs lead time to refill prescriptions as many are custom compounded for your pet bird.



Clients ask us, where do we take our bird if The BIRD Clinic is closed? This is not an easy question to answer
since there are very few veterinarians that are comfortable in treating birds.

                                                                              Veterinarians that we recommend if the clinic is closed

Tia Greenberg
(General) Westminster
(714) 899-1100

Attila Molnar, ABVP Boarded (Med/Surgery)
(818) 600-1838

Ann McDowell
(Medicine) Claremont
(909) 625-1561


                                                                                                       For After Hour Emergencies



Garden Grove Emergency Clinic
Garden Grove
(714) 537-3032 


The BIRD Clinic staff is here to listen to your questions and concerns on an individual basis. We pride ourselves on quality and excellent communication in giving your bird personal veterinary care. We have established many long term relationships with our clients/patients and this is still our number one goal.

For Appointments or Medical inquiries please call: (714) 633-2910
Driving Directions to The Bird Clinic