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We are a veterinary clinic that ONLY treats pet birds. We do not see birds of prey and only see pet chickens, ducks and geese as surgical referral cases. We have a Mission to Advance Avian Medicine throughout Southern California and the world and hope you decide to take the time to learn from all the information this site contains. On behalf of The BIRD Clinic and our staff we welcome you to our website. First, please check the " Website Updates " for a chronology of the website's development and changes. This website overall is a way to assist our new and existing clients with their Avian Veterinary Needs and continually strive to earn your confidence in us. We also have many Client Handouts to help you with your avian education. 

  The Clinic is Closed Thursdays and Sundays See Clinic Hours

Our BIRD Clinic handouts (many updated 2024) can be very useful to you, especially the toxin handout.

Please check them out.....  

If Dr Nemetz is out of town the dates will be listed below on this homepage


Dr Nemetz unfortunately had an accident that damaged both of his shoulders November 2023 that could
require surgical repair.  Please see below a chronology of events that may affect the clinic.

Updated June 28, 2024

Last week Dr Nemetz had his recheck with the orthopedic surgeon and he was pleased with the progress and felt that surgery would
not markedly improve his condition compared to the extensive postsurgical down time. This was a very positive appointment and surgery is definitely not in the discussion for the future.....

Updated April 21, 2024

Dr Nemetz finished his 3 months of physical therapy and is doing much better. The next step is to recheck with the orthopedic surgeon for the follow-up evaluation and see if surgical correction can be avoided or at least postponed for the near future. The BIRD Clinic has remained open during this time and is taking normal appointments as well as referral cases.

Updated January 18, 2024

Dr Nemetz decided to seek a second opinion (after surgery was scheduled for Feb 13, 2024) because of the severity of his injuries,
the long 
post-surgical recovery time, as well as the potential major impact to his practice and all of his patients. Based on a deeper evaluation
of the MRI's, it was agreed to try targeted physical therapy first for 3 months and then reevaluate the situation.  Therefore, 
the clinic will be operating as normal until the physical therapy is concluded in April and a reevaluation is performed.
Thank you all for understanding during this uncertain time.

Lecturing iCare Conference in Belgium
Wednesday April 17, 2024 until Sunday April 28, 2024

Lecturing AAV conference

June 28 - July 3, 2024

Brazilian consultation
August 2024

The BIRD Clinic has normal appointment scheduling for all avian cases, but our sick bird caseload
is high due to the fact many clinics in Southern California no longer treat birds.

This has caused the unfortunate side effect that it could take over a week to
get that appointment
and for a sick bird that is not a good situation.

Since mid 2021, to help with this high caseload and still accept new clients/patients we needed to stop no-shows
and short notice cancellation of appointments that directly hurt the ability for us to see other patients
that need and deserve care, but could not receive the care they needed because of other's lack of courtesy,
so our new policies have become permanent to help prevent this situation.

 ALL new clients AND existing clients that make an appointment for their bird at The BIRD Clinic
will be expected to show up within 10 minutes of their schedule appointment time or
call us with advance notice (24hrs) if they will be cancelling. 

If you do not show up or give us less than 24hrs prior notice for a cancellation you are directly hurting one of the 10+
patients per day that we have to refuse because our booked schedule, therefore at The BIRD Clinic's sole discretion you 
will no longer be offered any services for you or your pet bird in the future. Do not become part of the list that now exceeds 180. 

We DO NOT take WALK INS or EMERGENCIES unless they are approved first by phone.

Thank you for your patience and understanding and we at the Bird Clinic want to continue to help with
the wellbeing of our avian pets as well as also keeping our clients healthy.

If you need ANY Rx refills, PLEASE contact us ahead of time so they can be taken care of.

We require 24hrs lead time (1 full business day) to refill prescriptions as many are custom compounded for your pet bird.  

  Clients ask us, where do we take our bird if The BIRD Clinic is closed? This is not an easy question to answer

since there are very few veterinarians that are comfortable in treating birds.

Veterinarians that we suggest if the clinic is closed

Westminster Vet Group
(General) Westminster
(714) 899-1100

Attila Molnar, ABVP Boarded (Med/Surgery)
(818) 600-1838

Ann McDowell
(Medicine) Claremont
(909) 625-1561


For After Hour Emergencies if an avian vet is available
Garden Grove Emergency Clinic
Garden Grove
(714) 537-3032

The BIRD Clinic staff is here to listen to your questions and concerns on an individual basis.
We pride ourselves on quality and excellent communication in giving your bird personal veterinary care.
We have established many long-term relationships with our clients/patients some exceeding 3 decades, and this is still our number one goal.

For Appointments or Medical inquiries please call: (714) 633-2910
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    Dr. Nemetz' family has lived in Southern California since 1938. He was raised in Santa Ana and has lived there most of his life. Dr. Nemetz moved to Irvine in 2009 and then back to the City of Orange in 2020 to be closer to the clinic. He practiced veterinary medicine in Santa Ana for 20 years until he moved to the new facility in Orange in 2007.

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    A Question to Think About

    How many veterinary practices in the United States treat ONLY birds? 

    Only SEVEN (2024)!